We’re giving away a Juana C. The Movie loot bag.
It’s so meta, it’s an eco bag with another eco bag inside. Also in it is a Juana C. shirt, a rolled-up movie poster, a baller tag, a random tacky fridge magnet, a Victoria Court cup holder, and Victoria Court card that, of course, goes with an unused condom. (If you don’t want that gunk, wrap up that junk!)
To get a chance to win this prize, just reblog this post once. Basically, that’s it… because we couldn’t think of any better giveaway mechanics. We’ll randomly pick out and announce the winner on May 30, PH time.
Do make sure you’re from Metro Manila so someone from Pelikula can hand over your prize. Sorry, folks from other regions. Mailing this will cost us.

Make sure you have Tumblr message inbox open. One of our editors or writers will contact you about your prize there. Good luck!

yeyaay ^^

add me in wechat: kuharo


Coz i’m depressed…

hey add me in LINE my id is kuharo..add me up and let’s chat (^3^)v


doodle from last night..

some of my followers unfollow me after i post some of my latest works lol 
so sorry! i try really hard to draw cute 2 years ago..but it’s not working on my styles.. TvT

i really miss my classmates! and it’s sad that when you finally graduate you are getting attached to someone and became friends.. TvT

i want him to know me more.. TvT

wow my tumblr became my personal blog too haha!

one of my paintings during my last trimester..

ehmergewd..why does she have to stalk everything about my blog! she doesn’t need it coz it’s too privacy if she check my twitter specially my plurk. i think she said something about my love life to bro! /(T^T)\

ehmergewd! ehmergewd! i hope she didn’t say anything haha!